0200Z-0225Z Apr 24, Submit Measurements by 0200Z, Apr 27

K5CM 40m (near 7065 kHz)
0200Z Call up for 3 minutes
0203Z Key down for 2 minutes
0205Z End of 40m run

K5CM 80m (near 3599 kHz)
0220Z Call up for 3 minutes
0223Z Key down for 2 minutes
0225Z End of FMT

If the frequency is busy for either run, please standby and the FMT will start as soon as practical.

You don't have to use special lab equipment to enter the FMT. Modern HF transceivers can make frequency measurements quite accurately. SDR transceivers and PC software can make precise measurements of signal frequency.

If you've never entered an FMT before, information on how to measure the frequency of a carrier is available at www.k5cm.com, and in several previous QST articles listed below.

Click on Data Entry in the navigation menu near the top of this page to submit your measurements. Results will be available immediately following the data entry deadline. Also, be sure to describe your setup when you submit your measurements online. The Green Box in the results shows stations submitting measurements with an accuracy of 1 Hz or better for all FMT frequencies.